Edge Dance Centre

Edge Dance Centre

At The Edge we are committed to providing high quality dance education in a safe and nurturing environment to young performers of all ages, backgrounds and experience.

Since its founding, The Edge has become one of the top dance education facilities in the state and continues to set a high standard for excellence.

Our faculty is of the highest calibre and the centre’s challenging and comprehensive curriculum is designed to inspire future performers. All staff are tertiary qualified industry professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of students through dance, theatre and music.

The Edge instills confidence, self-awareness and self-discipline that will help any student achieve their goals and dreams.

At The Edge, we pride ourself in our sense of “community” and community involvement, performing at various fetes and festivals, including the notorious Granny Smith festival in Eastwood.

The Edge Dance Centre is a magical experience. Every day, aspiring dancers take part in the centre’s programs, moving closer to achieving their dreams. Every day life-long friendships are formed.

Whether you come to one class just for fun or attend many classes on our “Unlimited” Program, The Edge is the place to be!

Please submit a copy of your Registration Fee payment along with signed documentation of the 2015 Terms & Conditions Form (available here) when enrolling in The Edge Dance Centre.

If you would like to fill out a paper form and submit directly to The Edge Dance Centre, click here for a PDF copy.

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Contact us

02 9888 9990 or 0412 582 189

Midway Shopping Centre

Cnr Quarry Road and Lovell Road

Enter via the rear stairs